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Privacy Policy for AlterNote Editor and malter

Neither the AlterNote Editor extension nor the malter extension transmits to, or otherwise shares with, its developer (or any of its affiliates or partners) any information or content that you provide or make available to the extension in the course of using it. Additionally, the developer does not maintain any server or website to receive such data.

When used as intended, each extension uses your credentials stored locally in your browser by the Evernote web client to communicate with Evernote’s servers for the sole purpose of allowing you to view, create, edit and search your notes through the extension’s interface. All communications between the extension and are conducted via the ‘https://’ protocol through Evernote’s JavaScript SDK. Each user’s preferences for the look and feel of the extension, as well as any backup copies of notes that the user chooses to make through the extension, are kept only locally in the user’s computer.

As with any tool that retrieves and posts data to an online account, you should take special care not to use either extension to inadvertently insert malicious code or links into your notes that may compromise the security of your computer or Evernote account. You are solely responsible for the consequences of any such events.